Purchase used container

At Ralton Trading & Forwarding, in addition to new containers, we also sell used containers in various conditions. A second-hand container can be an interesting alternative, depending on what you want to use the container for.

Advantages of buying a used container

One of the reasons for choosing a used container is of course the purchase price. In most cases, a used container is cheaper than a new one. A well-maintained sea container can often last for years. Another advantage is the delivery time. In times of steel scarcity, supplying new containers is not always a matter of course. Purchasing a used container is a good alternative.


A used container has been, as the word implies, used before. Usually, you don’t know by whom and how. It is therefore important to minimize the risks, or even better, to eliminate completely. If you are going to use the shipping container for (international) transport, it is important that it meets all requirements. If you are going to use the container as temporary storage space, your own requirements are more decisive as the internationally applicable rules.

Check and certification

Do you want to be sure that your used container meets all requirements? We inspect used containers. If necessary, we also repair the container so that all CSC regulations are met. We also perform Pre Trip Inspections on reefer containers.

Purchase rejected shipping containers

When a container can no longer be repaired profitably, it is Beyond Economical Repair (BER). These containers are not interesting for transport anymore, but can of course be used for other purposes. You can easily create additional storage space with a shipping container. But the container can also serve as a basis for other modifications. For more examples and information, see our container conversion page.

Do you think that a used container is an interesting alternative for you? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Ralton Trading & Forwarding - Gebruikte containers
Ralton Trading & Forwarding - Gebruikte container toepassingen

Used shipping containers are cheaper than new ones. Rejected containers can be used for conversion or other projects.