Container Inspection

Container inspection with photos and report

If you intend to purchase a container, we can appoint an independent expert for you to have the container inspected, guaranteeing your container will be suitable for your cargo. You will receive an inspection report inclusive of photos. In this way, before delivery of the container, you are assured that the container is suitable for the cargo you want to transport in it. It is important that the container meets all requirements, especially if the container is to be used for hazardous substances, foodstuffs or removal goods.

If you rent a container from us, an inspection is always carried out before delivery. This is called an onhire inspection. This is intended to determine the condition of the container. You will always receive a copy of this inspection. When you return the container to our depot after the rental period, the depot will prepare a damage report if necessary, after which we will appoint an independent inspector for a so-called offhire inspection. In the case of an off hire inspection, the inspector takes the on hire report as a benchmark and will then determine which damage is at the expense of the contractor and which is for the tenant. You will get a copy of this inspection as well. Main advantage: In advance you will know the container’s state, afterwards you won’t have to compensate for damage which was already present.

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Having your own container(s) inspected?

Do you have one or several containers? Would you like to have them inspected again or periodically? We will be at your disposal, worldwide!

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