Container repair and maintenance

Container repair and maintenance

Ralton Trading & Forwarding repairs damage to refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, and to all types of sea containers. We are very experienced in bonding, foaming, aligning and insulating containers. Our experienced team with certified welders specializes in the repair of extreme damage.

Container repair and inspection on location

We have a mobile service for repairs and inspections at your location. We arrive on site with a team of certified mechanics and the necessary equipment. In the event of damage, a transparent quotation will be drawn up. We work as transparently as possible and carry out all work on an estimate basis.

Need repair or maintenance on your container?

Ralton Trading & Forwarding is at your service in the event of a necessary repair or maintenance.

Ralton Trading & Forwarding - Container reparatie en onderhoud
Ralton Trading & Forwarding

Pre Trip Inspection for Reefer containers

We take care of the Pre Trip Inspection (PTI) for your reefer container. During this inspection, the container is tested for the operation of the cooling system. We check the blower and the fan, but also the coolant. We test whether the reefer container reaches and can maintain the correct temperature. The unit is also assessed for visible damage. Please note that we can only inspect and repair reefer containers when they are empty.

ISO standards and CSC rules

Our repair work always follows ISO standards. We also repair according to the CSC rules. The abbreviation CSC stands for ‘Container Safety Convention’. This is the general standard that a container must meet in order to be transported internationally.